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Forbidden Fruit of Pomellato

By admin , posted on 17. December 2013 16:44

Ever since 1967, the jewels that Pomellato crafts have been the object of many women’s desires.  Crafted in Italy, using only the finest materials and gems, Pomellato creates jewelry that is rare in both its quality and originality. From the style to the color and character of each piece of jewelry, Pomellato undoubtedly has made a name for themselves in the Jewelry market worldwide.

Through the years Pomellato remains true to itself while still managing to stay current and a trendsetter in style. Just like the names of their collections; such as Nudo, Capri and Tango, each piece of jewelry carries an attitude and a mood.

Pomellato’s jewels have a way of bursting with color, luster and life which hit our senes and emotions. Radiant reds, lively greens and liquid blues are all in the brilliant array of colors Pomellato features. Whether they are dangling by your ears or resting on your wrist, these gems are sure to bring out your passion with their vibrancy and glow.

Pomellato encompasses what every woman wants, luxury, quality and personality. Whether you enjoy classic chic or more trend setting pieces, you are sure to find what you are looking for, and more, with this remarkable jeweler.

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